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Khorus Launches Business Management System for CEOs

Guided by the CEO's corporate objectives and powered by weekly employee predictions, the product aligns strategy with execution companywide. Khorus is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Khorus is the only product that gives executives a wide-angle lens on the organization to ensure employees are aligned, engaged, and working in harmony to achieve performance goals. A spreadsheet or dashboard peppered with a bunch of these slapdash metrics doesn't cut it," said Trammell. (Photo: Business Wire)

About Khorus

For a short product tour of Khorus, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqFtpbaE3W0

Khorus Launches Business Management System for CEOs

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Designed by a CEO for CEOs, Khorus software harnesses the collective intelligence of employees companywide to answer the one question every chief executive must know: "How likely is my company to meet its corporate goals?" This future-oriented approach helps CEOs run their businesses with weekly status updates into the corporate objectives they define and warnings to spot issues in time to address them. "Khorus gives CEOs a system that they own and manage to align and engage employees around a set of corporate objectives, measure weekly performance towards those goals, and ensure their completion at a high level each quarter."

Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:07am EST

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CEO veteran Joel Trammell puts chief executives in command with predictive analytics software

The Khorus TPS Matrix gives CEOs an at-a-glance status of each corporate goal. (Photo: Business Wire ... As a result, Khorus helps answer the one question that concerns every CEO:
This future-focused approach coupled with every employee's input into goal completion likelihood and quality makes Khorus unique. Khorus is funded by P180 Investments, Trammell's personal investment fund.

Founded by technology CEO veteran Joel Trammell, Khorus has launched a business management software product that gives chief executives a system to run their companies. At a glance, CEOs can understand goal status at any given time to actively manage performance throughout the organization and address issues before it's too late.

"Most CEOs don't have a formal system to run the business, relying on random information and metrics their various departments choose to communicate. For more information, visit http://khorus.com.

Available now, Khorus is currently being used and evaluated by CEOs of enterprise companies in Austin and across the U.S.

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Trammell developed Khorus based on a goals management system and best practices he implemented as the former CEO of Cache IQ and NetQoS, which were both eventually acquired by Fortune 500 companies. Delivered in a software as a service model, Khorus can be deployed quickly and easily. " src="http://mms.businesswire.com/media/20140218005372/en/403489/4/KhorusTPSMatrix.jpg"/>The Khorus TPS Matrix gives CEOs an at-a-glance status of each corporate goal. Instead of historical, tactical information from departmental silos, Khorus presents CEOs with a normalized, relevant view into how well the Teamwork Training company is performing against each corporate objective. The mobile and iPad versions of the product will be out later this year.

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